Jay Brown – Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant

Employees who have served the Government or a particular organization will have to someday retire. When their source of earned income stops, they should have in place other income sources, in order to have planned for a proper retirement. Though there are pension plans available, it is also essential to have pre-planned in order to optimize an array of benefits. In this regard, it is essential to get the help of a Federal employee benefits consultant such as Jay Brown.

Jay Brown, Financial Advisor in San Rafael is a renowned name in this area who has been helping employees in getting their federal employee benefits.

Services Offered by Jay Brown

Jay Brown is known to offer a number of services that can provide the key benefits for federal employees.

Retirement and Financial Planning

Often people do not plan well in advance about their financial goals and then they face challenges in their post-retirement years. Mr. Brown can help in planning the finances for either long after their retirement, or when a person is about to retire soon

Life Insurance

Insurance becomes an important item after retirement so that you use a cost and tax efficientplan in the case of an untimely death. Mr. Brown can help you in getting the right insurance that can offer you complete protection for such a scenario.

Fixed Indexed Annuities

While many people just consider options such as insurance, one very popular “safe money” alternative are Fixed Indexed Annuities, which is a safer way to invest.

Please ask us about these types of plans, and how they can enhance your retirement to be more safe and secure.

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